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What is Lab Casework and How does it ensure Laboratory Safety and Compliance?

What is Lab Casework and How does it ensure Laboratory Safety and Compliance?

Casey Prevette

Kewaunee manufactures a wide range of laboratory casework solutions designed to meet the specific needs of different laboratory settings. We create cabinets, countertops, fume hoods, shelving units, and many other components that are specifically constructed to meet the requirements of today’s laboratory environments. Lab casework plays a crucial role in ensuring laboratory safety and compliance with regulations. At Kewaunee, we incorporate safety features into our casework to facilitate a safe working environment.

Our steel cabinets are fully welded and heavy gauge. They meet rigorous benchmarks and SEFA 8 standards of performance. We have many styles of steel cabinets, with cupboards, drawers, and combination units. Kewaunee’s Signature Series wooden lab furniture has also been designed to meet high-quality standards.

Resistant to chemicals and corrosive substances

Our laboratory casework is made from materials that are resistant to chemicals and corrosive substances commonly used in laboratories. This helps prevent the degradation of the casework and minimizes the risk of chemical spills or leaks causing damage or accidents. Proper airflow and containment of hazardous substances are essential in a laboratory setting. Our fume hoods, which are an integral part of laboratory casework, help capture and remove harmful vapors, gases, and particles generated during lab work. These hoods are connected to exhaust systems that safely remove contaminants from the lab, ensuring a healthier working environment for everyone.

Store everything safely

Kewaunee casework provides storage solutions for lab equipment, chemicals, and samples. Proper storage and organization prevent cross-contamination and accidental mixing of incompatible substances and reduce the risk of spills or breakage. Our casework has shelves, drawers, and specialized compartments for different items, allowing you to store things efficiently and with easy access.       

Other security features

At Kewaunee, we incorporate safety interlock systems into our fume hoods to ensure that the equipment is functioning properly before allowing procedures to be performed. This feature helps prevent exposure to hazardous fumes or gases by ensuring the ventilation system is functioning properly. Our fume hoods also incorporate features such as airflow alarms, adjustable sashes, and airflow monitors to ensure proper air exchange rates and the capture of harmful vapors and particles.

We have casework with locking mechanisms for storage cabinets, drawers, and other compartments, providing added security and preventing unauthorized access to hazardous materials or sensitive equipment.

We have also considered ergonomic design principles when developing our casework. This includes optimizing countertop heights, providing knee spaces, and incorporating features that reduce strain and promote comfortable and safe working positions.

Why choose Kewaunee?

Kewaunee casework is designed and manufactured to meet or exceed all safety and compliance regulations. It provides the foundation for a safe and compliant laboratory environment, helps mitigate risks, enhances safety, and promotes regulatory compliance in laboratory settings. If you would like any further information, please contact our friendly sales team.

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