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TruView: The Ultimate Teaching Hood

TruView: The Ultimate Teaching Hood

Casey Prevette
Fume Hoods

What are some of the top features needed in a teaching fume hood?

If you’re an educator, you want to make sure students can see each step of an experiment as you demonstrate or teach a lesson. You also want to make sure that the fume hood is accessible to all of your students and follows ADA guidelines. And of course, you want a high-performing hood with efficient airflow to practice lab safety.

As a student, you want to make sure that you can see the work being done by either your teacher or your peers.

TruView is the ideal hood when incorporating these thoughts into the purchase of a teaching hood.

TruView is the 360-degree glass fume hood made with you in mind. With a sleek design and high performance, TruView boasts end-user-pleasing features engineered to maximize safety and efficiency.

This teaching hood was designed for today’s classroom. With clear line-of-sight through multiple hoods to allow easier supervision of students by the instructor. This same clear line of sight also allows students to easily view demonstrations by professors or see experiments in their peers.

Lab planners and facilities managers would have similar goals in mind for customers, but they have even more important features in mind. The TruView hood allows lab planners and architects to build their ideal laboratory space with maximum visibility and flexibility.

This teaching hood can be used as a stand-alone hood or in assemblies, both single-sided for use against the wall, or double-sided for use in the center of the laboratory.

A patented technology, the Venturi Port accelerates the airflow in the lower corners of the hood opening. Venturi ports for accelerated airflow, removable interior panels for fixture access and dimmable LED control.

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