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The Kewaunee Look Book: The Ultimate Lab Design Guide

The Kewaunee Look Book: The Ultimate Lab Design Guide

Casey Prevette
Product News

The Kewaunee Look Book is here!

This look book is the ultimate tool in laboratory design. It was designed to serve as an inspiration to architects, lab planners, and anyone involved in the laboratory design and build process.

Take a tour through laboratories across the United States and see Kewaunee products in top universities, research facilities and K-12 classrooms. In the first edition of this look book, you’ll see Kewaunee fume hoods, casework, and adaptable systems in industry, government, and academic labs across the United States. Flip through the look book and experience the metal, resin, and wood products manufactured from start to finish in Kewaunee’s Statesville, North Carolina facility.

Explore Kewaunee labs in the Kewaunee look book here.

Project Spotlights

The Look Book provides a glimpse into some of the most recently installed Kewaunee labs. These spaces include research and development labs in industry, university research labs, government buildings and K-12 science classrooms. These pictures give you a taste of the design that can be achieved with Kewaunee products.

See labs at our local specialized dealers who are able to make labs happen. This look book is a true inspiration and guide to create your unique space. Here are just a handful of the recently completed projects.

Laboratory Fume Hoods

Fume hoods are essential for the health and safety of researchers in the lab. The positioning of fume hoods is vital for performance, energy efficiency, and the flow of the room.

Kewaunee fume hoods are unique with special consideration for safety features including Venturi technology. The Venturi port accelerates the airflow in the lower corners of the hood opening for improved containment. Kewaunee’s proprietary belt-driven sash remains quiet while also boasting speed, reliability, and precision.

Other features include LED interior lighting, large viewing heights, unparalleled containment, and low exhaust flow. Kewaunee’s fume hoods are also energy efficient with a consistent sightline between ADA and standard models.

Kewaunee also offers the TruView fume hood. These teaching hoods come in 360-degree glass views.

This teaching hood can be used as a stand-alone hood or combined with other hoods. Hoods combined with other hoods have the added advantage of shared glass panels. The added visibility of 360-degree glass paired with configurations gives the designer more options in fume hood placement and can make a room appear more open.

Wood and Stainless Steel Laboratory Casework

There are so many lab materials, finishes, and styles to choose from and combine to create your dream laboratory furniture vision. However, it can be overwhelming to work with different manufacturers. The Kewaunee difference is wood, metal, and resin manufactured under one roof. This allows the designer to combine materials from one manufacturer with consistent quality, timing, and reliability.

Wood casework can warm up a room and create a comfortable environment perfect for learning and collaboration. Kewaunee laboratory wood casework is handpicked to ensure consistent color and quality. Kewaunee’s wood cabinet lab styles include a contemporary full overlay, conventional radius lip, and silhouette lab cabinet style.

Fully-welded, heavy-gauge laboratory stainless steel lab casework meet SEFA 8 performance standards and are built to rigorous benchmarks. The Kewaunee design allows doors and drawers to be reconfigured in place. The configurable design provides a rich offering of hardware and aesthetic options. Stainless steel laboratory casework can be the best choice in a variety of settings, including veterinary schools and offices, and clinical labs.

Kewaunee’s stainless steel casework features heavy-duty stainless steel full-frame construction with smooth, clean, and easy to maintain surfaces. Proven over decades of rigorous laboratory use, it is a natural choice for easy to maintain lab worktops.

Design your lab with a combination of materials, finishes, and styles with the Kewaunee assurance of consistency and quality.

Laboratory Work Tops

There are many laboratory worktops and llab work surfaces suitable for use in the lab. This variety allows decision-makers to choose the best laboratory grade worktop for the needs of any specific lab. Kewaunee products can fulfill both the physical specifications as well as the vision of the designer.

The material and color of worktops can change the look and feel of the entire room. Options include epoxy resin, phenolic resin, ESD laminate, stainless steel, hardwood, and laminate. Whatever the project, Kewaunee’s options cover every possibility. From a university research lab to a government research facility, Kewaunee’s worktops were made to withstand the most demanding of situations.


Kewaunee laboratory systems come in a variety of worktops. A great option for many labs is the Kewaunee Kemresin epoxy resin.

With an ultra-smooth non-porous surface appearance, composed of 1+ think molded epoxy resin, these tops come in four different colors. Colors include black, grey, putty, and slate. With resistance to many acids, alkalies, and solvents, this worktop is also resistant to both heat and physical wear and tear.

These tops can be used wherever the highest physical and chemical resistance properties are required. Learn more about the advantages of Kemresin epoxy resin.

Adaptable Laboratory Systems

Mobile lab systems enable you to reshape and reform your lab for a dynamic space, that can continuously change for future growth. Kewaunee offers three different adaptable lab systems that can be customized for any purpose or laboratory environment. These systems include the Alpha system, Evolution system, and Enterprise system.

Each of these three systems has specific features and configurations that make them ideal for different types of labs. (add link about future growth of labs) think through features and lab ceiling service carriers, plummed and wired. benches, shelves.

The look book shows you how others have been able to adapt and reconfigure their lab spaces to meet their specific lab needs. These systems can be customized to meet the requirements. Ergonomics is a key feature. Adjustable benches and setups can be adjusted for each person.

Spektrum Lab Laminate

Not all laminate products are suited for the demanding laboratory environment. Kewaunee Spektrum laboratory laminate provides a plethora of color and pattern options while offering durable drawers and quality construction. These durable drawers with chemical-resistant properties meet laboratory specifications.

The Spektrum laminate is an option-rich product with choices in color solids, patterns, and wood grains. Pick and choose your options

Lab Materials, Colors and Design

Let your mind run wild as you see the color and material combinations and possibilities in the Kewaunee lab lookbook. Kewaunee metal, laminate, and wood come in colors that were hand-picked to enhance any lab space while complementing each other. Choose from colors across the spectrum and fit any university, company, or building’s color palette.

Keep in the know and get in touch

After reading through this first edition of the Kewaunee Look Book, you are well on your way in the design journey. To keep updated with the latest laboratory design trends, follow Kewaunee.

Reach out for a copy of your own high-quality, soft-touch printed lookbook. Printed by The John Roberts Company, it contains more than 70 pages and hundreds of laboratory photos to inspire your next laboratory project.

Reach out to your local sales representative or email Kewaunee at

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