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Lab Spotlight: University of Texas at Dallas

Lab Spotlight: University of Texas at Dallas

Casey Prevette
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Lab Spotlight: University of Texas at Dallas Engineering Research Building


It’s no wonder this 50,000 square foot lab received an R&D Magazine Lab of the Year Special mention. Completed in 2019, the contrasts in colors and textures form an eye-catching and unique space in this lab.

Aside from the aesthetics of this mixed media, it serves to separate the space into designated areas without diminishing the collaborative nature of the room. The concrete columns, bright green walls and stark white ceilings are complemented by Kewaunee’s durable Kemresin epoxy work surfaces, painted steel shelves, and Research Collection inset style base cabinets. Pre-piped service outlets and pre-wired outlets make for an attractive space and talking point when recruiting researchers and students. This lab space also features Venturi fume hoods.

Architect: SmithGroup

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