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Kemresin: 3 Reasons Why a Smooth Surface is Superior

Kemresin: 3 Reasons Why a Smooth Surface is Superior

Casey Prevette

Work top material selections are some of the most critical laboratory furniture decisions. Surfaces must be able to withstand a variety of reagents and caustic substances. Kewaunee Kemresin Work Tops not only satisfy stringent ab requirements, they also meet 3 SEFA performance standards.


Why wax your car? The wax keeps a vehicle’s paint clean and protected from scratches. This process allows you to create a better looking car by giving it a smooth surface. In the laboratory world, a smooth surface not only gives a high end look, but it has many practical benefits.


One of the best things about Kewaunee Kemresin worktops glossy finish are their highly reflective properties. Not only do they look high end, they actually make small or dark places look larger and brighter. Glossy finishes tend to accentuate strong colors in the room, giving an entirely new look to a lab.


Kemresin is omni-phobic, meaning that it prevents liquid from spreading. Droplets of chemicals and solutions can simply slide off the surface, mitigating stains and making cleaning easy.


Other surfaces are more susceptible to scratches. Contours on the surface can catch sharp instruments, making work tops a target for scratches. Aside from the appearance, these scratches can then harvest dirt and bacteria, making the surface more difficult to clean and disinfect.

Kewaunee Kemresin epoxy resin comes both standard and custom fabrication. Options include flat sheets, marine edge, octagonal, under-mount, drop-in and ADA sinks, drains, and EarthResin.

Learn more about Kewaunee Kemresin epoxy resin colors available. (Link to resin colors blog)

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