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Element Lab Bench

Be in your Element with the Kewaunee’s latest lab bench. This USA-manufactured and designed laboratory bench brings efficient capabilities to allow you to be at your best and is SEFA 10 rated to withstand the most stringent laboratory demands.

Designed with your space in mind, Element lab bench posts come with holes pre-punched for data, electric and plumbing. The laboratory bench can be ordered pre-pipped and pre-wired from the factory, both in assembled or knocked-down configurations.  Plumbing can be installed onsite afterward, giving you the flexibility to adapt your laboratory bench to your needs.  The cable management system comes standard on all Element lab benches. This lab cable management system has finger slots, to easily route cables, to allow for easier cable tracing for troubleshooting. Good cable management not only looks good but is safer by protecting the cables from potential damage and from the cables becoming a trip hazard.


Lab Bench Features

  • Data ports standard on plumbing posts
  • SEFA 10, Category 3 – 1,000-pound capacity
  • Ships knocked down or assembled
  • Worktop height adjustable in 1” increments
  • Plumbing or electric on posts available
  • Integrated cable management under the worktop comes standard
  • Up to three fixtures per upright post
  • Seismic anchoring accessories are available
  • Multiple standard sizes to choose from

Flush work surfaces

Your work surface is important, and every inch counts. The Element laboratory bench when combined together or with Kewaunee’s BasikBench® table system creates one large lab worksurface. Element’s narrow integrated lab bench posts take up less space, thus increasing visibility and the area of your work surface.

Efficient Laboratory Storage

Maximize and organize your laboratory storage by configuring shelves to meet the needs of your lab. Element Lab benches frame and shelving sit flush when back-to-back, creating a double-sided lab bench with large shelving that can pass through on both sides.

Clear sight lines or storage capacity can be your priority, all without sacrificing your access to multiple electrical outlets.

Tops Materials

Kemresin® Epoxy Resin
Kemresin® is perfectly suited for use in the lab setting. With ultra-smooth, non-porous surface appearance, composed of 1-inch-thick molded epoxy resin, these tops come in four different colors.

Colors include black, grey, putty, and slate. With resistance to many acids, alkalies and solvents, this work top is also resistant to both heat and physical use. These Kemresin® tops can be used wherever the highest physical and chemical resistance properties are required.


floor anchor
    This shelf can be installed to meet several heights via varied slots in the uprights of the bench.
    Monitor arm rotates 360 degrees at two points. With an adjustable head with universal monitor mount, this arm easily clamps on to any BasikBench® or Element lab bench.
    This lower shelf is installed across the bench’s lower support.
    The CPU holder attaches via a bracket mount and swivels side to side. The heavy duty holder is adjusted 12″ to 20″ high and 3.5″ to 9″ depth.
    Cable management organizes power and data cables for an organized lab
    This hanging rail allows for the installation of suspended cabinets.
    LED Task Lighting consists of a thin-profile, white LED strip, 9.5 mm high by 33mm deep, with a touch dimmer switch. It is UL listed and furnished with a 120 VAC to 24 VDC power supply with a ten-foot power cord. The light includes a magnetic mounting strip for mounting to steel shelving.
    Keep your top rail clean and dust free
    Help prevent tables from toppling over in earthquakes.

Storage Cabinets

Storage Cabinets

Element provides enough clearance for our 36″ standing height, mobile cabinets, and an accessory rail for hanging suspended cabinets. These cabinets are available in many different finishes as found in Kewaunee’s catalogs. Lab bench casework Steel and wood .

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