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Bio Safety Cabinets

Case Studies

Duke Gross Lab

Durham, North Carolina

Overlay – Wood on Steel Casework
Enterprise Modular Workstations
Supreme Air LV Fume Hoods Interceptor Biosafety Cabinets
Slate Epoxy, Maple Edge-grain, and Stainless Steel Work Tops

Square Footage: 34,000
Budget: $29,000,000
Lab Furnishing Contract: $1,000,000
Completion Date: August 2015

Architect: Lord Aeck Sargent
Construction Manager: LeChase Construction

Duke University resurrected an outdated chemistry lab building slated for demolition and transformed it into an interdisciplinary hub for research and teaching in engineering, sciences, and social sciences. Research laboratories located on the 3rd floor and basement designed with flexible casework and utilities create opportunity for different types of research. The final result was a combination of Kewaunee’s plug-and-play Enterprise bench system, wood on steel casework, Supreme Air LV hoods, and Interceptor A2 biological safety cabinets. Duke implemented this project’s new standards of lab renovation in other on-going transformation of their campuses.

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