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Company Overview

Kewaunee Scientific Corporation is a recognized global leader in the design, manufacture, and installation of laboratory, healthcare, and technical furniture products. Products include steel and wood casework, fume hoods, adaptable modular systems, moveable workstations, stand-alone benches, and epoxy resin worksurfaces and sinks.

The Company’s corporate headquarters are located in Statesville, North Carolina. Direct sales offices are located in the United States, India, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore. Three manufacturing facilities are located in Statesville serving the domestic and international markets, and one manufacturing facility is located in Bangalore, India serving the local and Asian markets.

History: In 1906, a handful of investors with a vision hired 18 workers and formed what is today the Kewaunee Scientific Corporation. Their goal was ambitious: build a superior line of laboratory furniture and accessories. Until the early 1900’s, America relied on Europe, and particularly Germany, for the bulk of its laboratory equipment.

After World War I the American scientific industry began to gain ground, and Kewaunee grew rapidly. We expanded our market with an enhanced dealer organization to take advantage of this growth.

By the end of 1920’s, we were building both steel and wood laboratory furniture and accessories. During World War II, we were a government contractor for the Air Corps, and an important supplier for the Manhattan Project. After the war, America experienced a technological explosion resulting in increased demand for scientific laboratory equipment. Kewaunee responded by building its present facilities in Statesville, North Carolina and its staff of experienced people.

A lot has changed in the last 100+ years but not the original goal: to build a superior line of laboratory furniture, the best that can be built.

Experience: Many years of experience has qualified Kewaunee as a leader in the design and manufacture of furniture products. We serve clients from many disciplines in industry, research centers, schools and universities, government agencies, and healthcare. From original designs and layouts through complete installations, Kewaunee has the experience to make your laboratory the best it can be. Kewaunee Associates manufacture these American made labs with jobs in Statesville, NC.

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